How to finish your latch hook piece

These steps will walk you through how to turn under the edges of your latch hook piece and sew them down, creating a clean finish for your piece.

Read through the entire instructions & gather all your supplies before beginning. Questions? Contact us for help.

Supplies needed:

  • scissors
  • yarn or thick thread
  • tapestry needle

You can purchase all supplies in one kit here

    1: Trim along edges of finished piece, leaving only 2-3 empty holes on the margin.

    2: Cut a piece of yarn about a yard (36″) long, and thread through tapestry needle. Tie ends of yarn together and trim.

    3: Anchor your yarn by taking your needle through a hole in the margin and then through the loop left by your yarn tail, pulling it tight. You only need to go through the margin at this point, not through the worked mesh.

    4: Fold the margin mesh over, lining up with the worked mesh. Run your tapestry needle through both the margin mesh and the work mesh, taking care not to go through any of the yarn loops. 

    At corners or curves, fold the margins over themselves, running the tapestry needle though all layers as you sew it down. 

    4: Continue along the edges. When you reach the end of the sewing yarn, tie a secure knot and clip, then start a new length of yarn, repeating steps 2 and 3.

    4: Shake out piece, trim and enjoy!

    Your piece can be displayed as-is, or used as an appliqué for a pillow, tote bag, anything you desire.