Finishing your latch hook: Wall Hanging

These steps will turn your finished latch hook piece into a wall hanging. This method is suited for beginners and beyond.

Read through the entire instructions & gather all your supplies before beginning. Questions? Contact us for help.

Supplies needed:

  • finished latch hook piece – edges turned under and basted
  • scissors
  • 3/8″ wooden dowel
  • 3/8″ thin ribbon
  • hot glue gun & hot glue

     1: Measure the widest part of your piece (shown here is an XXL zodiac kit, coming in at about 17″ across).

    Trim your wooden dowel to extend at least an inch past this measurement on each side.  

    Now would be the time to paint or decorate your dowel if you’d like to add some more color! You can use acrylic or spray paint, wrap some washi tape around it, bedazzle it, etc.

    2: Determine how many hanging ribbons you would like, how far apart you would like and cut them. 

    I wanted a ribbon at the center, and determined this placement by folding my piece in half lengthwise. I placed three ribbons on each side of this center point, at 2″ intervals. I cut these ribbons longer as I went “down” the slope away from the hanging rod. Don’t worry about getting this length measurement exact at this point. Better to be too long than too short!

    To attach the ribbon to the mesh, thread the ribbon through the mesh and hot glue the ribbon back onto itself to secure (see photo below).

    3: Now we need to attach the ribbon to the hanging rod.

    To do this, I placed the rod at a 90° angle to the ribbons, on top, checking that the ribbons were spaced about 2″ apart. I evenly trimmed each ribbon down to about a 1/2″ above the rod.

    Place a dot of hot glue on the 1/2″ that extends above the rod, then press this end to the rod just below it. Do these one a time, checking your placement before moving onto the next one. 

    Roll the rod down, wrapping the ribbon completely around the rod, and glue in place. 

    Hang in a place where everyone can admire your hard work!