How to use our kits

Just purchased a kit and don’t know where to start?

This guide will cover all of your latch hooking supplies, tips for working your project, and ideas of what to do with your finished piece. Let’s get into it!


Smooth, sleek, mechanical elegance with ergonomic wood handle.

Plush, pre-cut, pre-mixed.

We painted this by hand. Just for you <3

All the info on this page, but printed out and profusely illustrated.

How to work

Each package of yarn mix will be labeled with A, B or C, which matches the labelled swirls on your instruction sheet diagram.

Start hooking from the bottom, working from left to right, row by row. Follow the diagram, working mix A into swirl A and so on.


Each bag of mix contains two colors. Don’t stress about evenly hooking each color from the mix or alternating between them exactly. Latch hooking is an extremely imprecise, shaggy medium, and ultimately your hard work will go unnoticed! Just hook those colors as they come, and the finished effect will be a natural blend.

Work in the gold color as you arrive at it. If two colors appear on the same thread, work the color that goes with the continuity of design, erring on the side of thicker gold lines. We recommend hooking at least two “squares” of yellow side-by-side to create a thick enough line.

keep at it!

These kits take 8 to 10 hours to complete and are great accompaniments to watching a movie or television show, listening to a podcast, or chatting with a buddy. Pretty much anytime you are mindlessly scrolling through your phone… you could be latch hooking.

Latch hooking is good for your mental health! Repetitive handicrafts like knitting, crochet and needlepoint can be as beneficial for you as meditation, some say. If you have trouble reaching zen because you can’t sit still, keeping your hands busy and focusing on a simple task like hooking might be right for you.


Something look a little… off? Sometimes we don’t notice an awkward looking corner until we’ve worked most or all of the piece. It’s easy to swap out one color for another in the offending square (which is sometimes easiest to pinpoint by looking at the back of your piece). Another option is to hook an additional yarn cut on the vertical strand of the mesh square in order to “round out” an area. This tip, and so many others, can be found at Sarah Hartwell’s site Latch Hook Heaven. Thank you Sarah!

wrapping it up

Congratulations! You finished a project and I bet it feels great.

There’s nothing wrong with leaving your piece as-is, admiring your shaggy colors and hard work. However, if you are looking for a cleaner finish, might I suggest picking up one of our finishing kits and following the instructions located here?

Latch hooks look great on a wall, on a pillow, on the ceiling of your car, adding so much texture to your living room and life! Don’t be afraid to try something crazy but hey, if you do? Can you send us a pic