Introducing Tiny Turf!

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Design Notes | 0 comments

We have a brand new kit that combines a lil bit of everything we love: shaggy textures, vintage re-use and mushrooms. It’s Tiny Turf!

This li’l guy may only need three hours to teach you how to latch hook, but stays cute forever.

Tiny Turf is pretty special and was created especially for beginners who might not want to stick through the tedium of a huge project with little variation. Or even a small project with little variation. This one’s for my ADHD peeps.

Not only is this, well, tiny, clocking in at less than 6 inches across, it has three varieties of yarn that each needed to be hooked separately. Each step takes less than an hour and keeps you motivated to keep going. The mushrooms are the finishing touch and bring your piece from abstract landscape to forest floor magic.

I was initially inspired by Alexandra Kehayoglou‘s really beautiful, HUGE works. They look like you are staring down from an airplane window to the lush land below. I needed to figure out how to create different textures while still sticking to latch-hooking – Kehayoglou hand-tufts her rugs. 

I figured: different shaggy textures = minimum effort for maximum effect!  So for the yarn, some is vintage deadstock, thick and trimmed close, and the shaggiest section uses thinner, 100% wool, cut long and worked double. 

I then set to making my samples, getting smaller and smaller until we arrived here – the perfect size for a mug of coffee. No section takes too long, making the whole process feel rather zippy. Finally, I’ve been an avid crocheter for a few years now (and almost given up knitting completely) so I made a few mushroom varieties to add to the piece. Chanterelle… amanita… morel… I think they really set it off, no?

Tiny Turf is available for pre-order now, shipping March 1st. Supplies are limited due to the vintage stock and hand-crocheted mushrooms.


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