Tiny Turf Kit

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Something very special for you! It’s your own plot of land that needs no weeding or watering, the perfect size for your desk or dresser. Keep your mug warm! Make THIS the place you will put your earrings at the end of the night to stop losing them. Stage Polly Pocket suburban fantasies.

This kit includes:

  • instructions
  • a latch hook
  • painted canvas mesh
  • three different types of rug yarn
  • two crocheted mushrooms
  • tapestry needle and yarn for attaching mushrooms

Beginners welcome! I call this kit low-tedium: it only takes about two to three hours to complete, with frequent switching between areas and yarn types. Speaking of which, this kit uses vintage and new yarn stock, as well as new 100% wool (for the extra shaggy part). The mushrooms are crocheted by me, also with 100% wool.


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