Zendaya’s nerdy hobby? Latch hooking!

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Zendaya is beautiful, cool and young. But all those attributes don’t make a person immune to boredom, and she found some new hobbies while filming the newest Spiderman with Tom Holland. Zendaya likes “little tedious activities” that keep her brain occupied, like knitting and… latch hook!

See the clip here (1:45 mark):

While knitting takes one long spool of yarn and loops it into formation, latch hooking uses smaller pieces of that same yarn. Each strand is individually knotted on a canvas backing with a latch hook tool, using the same knot throughout the work. The result is a durable, shaggy rug (or wall hanging or patch for your jean jacket).

Sounds like Zendaya preferred her scarf knitting to latch hooking a large rug and who could blame her? Many latch hook kits come with a separate chart to follow instead of a directly-painted canvas, adding another step to the process, and something else to carry around. Our kits eliminate that problem because they come with the design painted right on your canvas, so it’s just like coloring within the lines. Except with yarn!

Most kits also come in pretty big sizes for rugs or wall hangings. We have a few smaller ones for beginners so you won’t get burned out on the activity while learning it. Our coasters take less than two hours each to finish – find a friend and split up the kit! Two for you, two for them. Make a night of it, take some photos, and tag #hilboldtindustries when you do. The larger kits won’t take as long once you have the technique down.

Our pencil kit is another kit that was made with beginners in mind – the small size is only about 14″ long. This kit comes in four color options, including a couple smashing vintage greens, and only uses three colors, making the kit more portable than a big wall hanging with a wider palette. A perfect activity for a film set I think… anyone got Zendaya’s PO box? 

If you, or someone you love, also enjoy keeping their brains occupied with nerdy latch hook kits, check out all our options here!


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